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Tech Support Run

It's 4:15 AM, and I'm in Paducah reinstalling Windows on my Dad's PC because I woke up from a strange dream.

All in all, I'm happier having to come down here for a technical "emergency" than a medical emergency.

Cult of Personality

I have two initial concerns about this list of the top 25 cult film actors:
  1. As slacktivist asks, how is Bruce Campbell only #5 on the list?
  2. Why is Jeffrey Combs not on the list at all?
Feel free to share your own concerns.

Proof that Global Warming is a Hoax

At least, as long as you ignore the 60-70 degree weather about a week ago.

New wearable electronics system on the way

Just saw the news that Adafruit is coming out with their own wearable electronics platform.

This looks like it may be more versatile than the Sparkle and easier to work with than the LilyPad, so I'm really looking forward to checking it out.

Looking for Playmates

So, I'm looking for anyone who's playing (or might just be interested in playing) a couple of online games.

First of all, for iDevice folks, I'd really like to find people willing to give Hero Academy a try. It's a turn-based, 2-player strategy board game; you input your moves (with very limited actions per turn) and submit your turn, then wait for the other player to submit theirs. I've started a couple of random-match games, enough to be intrigued, but need to find opponents interested enough to stick with the game. The base game is free (ad-supported), but you can buy additional armies as well as cosmetic elements.

I'm also playing around with Age of Empires Online on the PC, which adds some MMO features to AoE's classic RTS formula. I've been enjoying the single-player functionality so far, but I'd like to give some of the online play a shot as well.

And naturally, I'd love to hear from anyone who wants to connect on Steam, or would like to swap Wii or DSi/3DS friend codes.

They're ba-ack!

I think it was kukla_tko42 and alphak10 who inflicted the original on me. Time for payback.

[via Topless Robot]


It looks as though Dad isn't recovering as well mentally as he is physically; he wakes up confused and is causing some issues for the hospital staff. Most likely, I'm going to have to make an emergency trap back down to Paducah tomorrow.

Wings (not "Wangs")

For kukla_tko42 in particular:

No-Sew EL Wings: Make costume wings with a glowing touch.